Don’t worry, he’s just playing possum! ^^
Ebonyclaw was always one of my favourite warriors.
Perhaps because we share the same first name? ;3
Spyro - Cynder
Ember - Flame
Commission for Moonsongwolf on deviantART. ^^
Picture for AJ!
I don’t know what her Tumblr is anymore??? Haven’t seen her ‘round lately. But she’s Coratte on deviantART sooo….

Yeah, I decided to draw your new character, the one that is like your fursona (right?), the one with that awesome stripy tail. I love her tail so much. I never got her name though? And I sorta messed around with her hair style, I just love drawing hair like that. XD
Hope you like it AJ! ^^
For khoine/Azuine! :D
Hope you like it Arti!
I love drawing Kalo’s hair, she’s just so majestic. :3
Gift for my good friend drifting-skies here on Tumblr (otherwise known as Quoricula on deviantART). :3
Hope I got all of Texa’s markings right, ehehe! And, of course, I hope you like it. ^^